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At Secret Lengths we offer most types of hair extension methods. Our most popular methods are:

Hollywood Weave

Weaves have fast become our most popular method. Using our new super flat weft tops they lie flat to the head and are suitable for all hair types including fine hair.  This method does not involve any plaiting or braiding!
Weaves will always give the thickest look of any extensions and will stay thick and full root to tip for their lifespan of 9-12 months. They are fitted within 1-2 hours so much quicker then other methods to! We all wear weaves at Secret Lengths and we love them. One of the most common questions we get asked about weaves is “Can I wear my hair up?” YES you can! As long as the weave is fitted correctly, with the right amount of hair left around the hair line, then like all extensions they should be able to be worn tied up.
With weave extensions maintenance is recommended every 10 weeks, as your own natural hair grows the weft grows down with it, so at your maintenance appointment the weave is removed row by row and refitted on to new hair to allow the older hair to have a break inbetween. Weaves are amazing for natural hair growth another reason why we love them!

Mini Locks
Mini locks are an amazing and very safe method of individual bond extensions. The mini tips are applied using a mini copper tube that is colour matched to your own natural root. NO HEAT OR GLUE. 
Mini locks are much smaller then the common micro ring hair extension and they lie much flatter to the head making them less detectable in finer hair. The average full head of Mini Locks is 150 strands but some clients may just need 100 strands where as some may want thicker and opt for 200 strands.
Maintenance is recommended at every 12 weeks where they can be repositioned and tightened as your natural hair grows, allowing you another 3 months wear. This method can last up to 9 months with the correct aftercare.

Ultra Tips

Ultra Tips are another amazing individual method and are applied without any heat or glue. Ultra tips are a revolutionary hair extension which are reusable for up to a year with out any re tipping.
The unique shape of the Ultra Tip ensures the bond lies super flat and undetectable in the clients hair, because of the shape the hair is fanned out more so each strand gives a thicker look then a regular individual extension.
A full head is usually 150 strands for extra thick we would recommend 175 strands. Some clients use these tips around their sides for extra volume when wearing a weave. The tips can be placed higher then other extensions because of how flat they are, so are perfect to use around the sides of clients hair.
Maintenance is recommended every 10 weeks on this method.

Injection Tapes

Injection tapes are one of our newest methods. Worn by many celebrities and influencers they are fast becoming one of our most requested methods. Tapes are super flat, and they are great for finer hair. Applied using thin strips of hair, which are infused into an almost invisible tape root. They are then sealed together at the root of your natural hair using safe tape adhesive. Tapes are totally damage free and a refit will be needed every 6-8 weeks. Tapes can also be used to create extra volume on the sides of hair and are often mixed with other methods i.e., the weave