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1 Services
Consultation £5
Ultratip Maintenance
3 Services
Full Head 150 Strands £165 Starts From
Extra Thick Head 175-200 Strands £180 Starts From
Removal of Ultratips £50
Minitip Maintenance
3 Services
Full Head 150 Strands £165 Starts From
Extra Thick Head 175-200 Strands £180 Starts From
Removal of Minitip £50
Injection Tape Refit
2 Services
Tape Refit £130 Starts From
Tape Removal £50
Colour Packages
5 Services
Full Head Foils £90 Starts From
Half Head Foils £70 Starts From
T Section Foils (With Extensions) £60 Starts From
Balayage £90 Starts From
Root Regrowth £80 Starts From
4 Services
Wash and Blow Dry - Short Hair £30
Wash and Blow Dry - Extensions £40
Curling on Extensions £30
Hair Up £40 Starts From
Cut and Blow Dry
2 Services
Cut and Blow Dry Short Hair £45
Cut and Blow Dry Long Hair £45
Weave Maintenance
6 Services
Weft Removal £35
Superweft Refit £100
210G Weave Refit £120
2 Weft Refit £130
Weave + Tape Refit £140 Starts From
Weave + Tip Refit £140 Starts From
19 Services
PDO threads We use cogs to pull back the brows & tighten the upper eyelid to help create the ‘fox eye’ look and can also be repositioned to help with ‘hooded eyes’ too. An exaggerated lift is seen in the first few weeks and a descent of the lift thereafter, the lift will then gain an extra boost through a biological lift at approx 6-8 weeks as collagen is synthesised and the overall result can last up to 12 months! After the initial numbing injection the treatment is virtually pain free and please note for exaggerated results repeat treatments after approx 8-12 weeks maybe necessary £260 Starts From
Lip Enhancement Adding volume, shape and definition. More filler brands available on request £100 Starts From
The Russian Lip Enhanced shape and lip lift while keeping a flat side profile.assessment is needed to confirm suitability as lips require no existing filler. £230 Starts From
Dermal Filler Dissolving Remove old, unwanted filler or lumps. More than one session may be required. New filler can be added 2 weeks after treatment. £110 Starts From
Cheek Contouring Sculpt the cheekbones, Add volume to the mid face and create a lift. £170 Starts From
Jawline and Chin Sculpting Improving lower face structure, definition and balance. £180 Starts From
Smile Lines / Smokers Lines Soften these lines around the mouth for a more youthful appearance. £160 Starts From
Dermal Filler Packages Use across cheeks, jawline, chin, lips or smile lines. Create definition, improve shape, add volume and balance key facial areas with Revolax. nose or tear troughs can't be included. £380 Starts From
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Smooth out the shape of your nose or add a tip lift for that pixie look using Revolax. £210
Tear Trough Filler Replace lost volume (Hollows) under the eyes. £210
Profile Balancing Harmonise the side profile with treatment to the nose, lips and chin with revolax. £490 Starts From
Anti Wrinkle Injections / Botox £120 Starts From
Jawline Slimming £180
Lip Flip £80
Nefertiti Neck Lift £180 Starts From
Gummy Smile Treatment £120
Vitamin B12 £35
Aqualyx Fat Dissolving An injectable solution that completely destroys fat cells! Perfect for stubborn areas like under the chin and its effective on the body too! A clinically proven treatment! £140 Starts From
Profhilo An amazing award winning skin booster treatment containing a concentrated form of hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates tissues from within once injected.Great for the complexion-Helps with fine lines, skin tone and texture! £220 Starts From


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